My American husband tried DURIAN

Nov 22, 2017

Have you ever heard of Durian or had a chance to taste it? My husband Zane had never had fresh Durian fruit before and I finally pursuaded him to try it. Watch the video to find out how we managed to open this spiky fruit and our thoughts on it.

Durian is very popular in Southeast Asia, and I grew up eating it in Vietnam. It has an oblong shape with thorn-covered rind. The outside is usually green or brownish. The flesh inside is usually yellow. For me, durian has a pleasant and sweet smell, the texture inside is very similar to pudding or custard. It's very sweet and rich and it's definitely one of my favorite fruits. Durian is used in various dessert dishes in Vietnam, like sticky rice and crepes.The seeds can be roasted or boiled and taste a little like chesnuts. Good durians should have the smallest seeds, which means there's more flesh to enjoy.

A lot of people do not like durians though. For them the smell is horrifying and I've heard it described anywhere from onion, gas to sweet garbage. I was so interested in the smell, I found a paper described the "odor-active compounds" in durian lol. Guess what, one of the compounds is Ethanethiol, which is what they put in natural gas so that people would know if there's a gas leak in their kitchen. To be honest, I always kinda like gasoline and natural gas smell a little bit so it kinda makes sense. I'll let you be the judge of the smell and taste when you try for yourself.

Nevertheless, it's such an fascinating fruit, from the look to the smell, texture, and taste. Would you try it if you have a chance to? Let me know in the comments of the video.

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